Role Model and Coach

The next step to take is to find someone who is in the position you want to be in and then model them. Look for excellent role models who have achieved what you want to achieve and ask what did they do to get there? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel because someone has more than likely done what you want or they are where you want to be already and so you can find a shortcut to getting there by seeking out these people, spending time with them, finding out how they did it and copying them, or do a variation of what they’ve done. You can easily find shortcuts by learning from their lessons. If you can get a role model to become your coach, you will benefit from personal involvement which will help you to achieve your goals more quickly and more efficiently. If you can identify someone who can coach you in this area then this will be the best approach to take because they can guide you specifically and give you feedback on your progress, without you wasting time making too many big mistakes along the way.
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