Considering getting a Coach or Mentor?

Have you ever considered getting a coach or mentor? You may be wondering why you would even need a coach or mentor or what it consists of, for what purpose and whether it’s a good use of your time or monetary investment?

CoachingCoaching and mentoring consists of a series of one-to-one meetings whereby the coach and mentor identifies and addresses specific individual needs with direct and personal support for the individual.

The difference between coaches and mentors are that coaches encourage learning through guidance, enabling the individual to identify the correct solutions for themselves. Mentors are experts in a specific field and provide appropriate guidance and direction to meet solutions that the mentees want to achieve.

Of course it is possible to find information on the internet, do your own research and find solutions to your issues by working through things yourself. However this is like trying to find your way through a large forest without a map. You know that you can get to the other side eventually, but you may end up taking wrong turns, wasting time, going round in circles because the terrain isn’t one you can get through and it may end up taking twice as long or even ten times longer than you would have done with a map, you may even end up injuring yourself!

A coach and mentor has a map to get to your destination in the quickest way possible and can find the right route for you. Do you want to walk more in the sunshine? Perhaps you want to pass by rivers or lakes on your journey? Whichever route suits your style is the one they will tailor for you because they have been there before, know the terrain and how to get there. They will directly assess your individual needs and style and will ensure you reach the success that you want in the quickest way possible. As you can see, it is possible to greatly improve the effectiveness of learning in this way. This gives you a renewed sense of enthusiasm having this direct attention which encourages you, gives you greater determination and a greater chance of success, enabling you to integrate your learning back into your environment.

Coaches and mentors have a genuine interest in people and their development. This is important in enabling people to reach their learning objectives. Coaching and mentoring ensures personal and regular contact to keep individuals on track and focused. Coaches and mentors have a number of tools available to them, as shown in the learning map below.


It is possible to have coaches and mentors in many different areas in life and I would highly recommend that everyone actively finds coaches and mentors in all aspects of life. Look for suitable coaches and mentors in a field that you want to focus on and you may find that it’s not possible for one person to cover all areas you need. Find a number of coaches and mentors in areas that you need such as:

  • Life coach for your direction in life
  • Personal development coach to develop your interpersonal skills
  • Leadership mentor from someone who is or has been in a leadership position that you want to achieve
  • Presentation skills coach to improve your speaking and presentation delivery
  • Business mentor for someone wanting to start up a business
  • Personal trainer to improve your health and fitness
  • Nutrition coach for improving ways of eating for optimum health

All of these different types of support will accelerate your learning to reach your destination in a far quicker way than if you were to do it alone, simply searching for information on the web, without a coach and mentor. I would highly recommend that you seek out the best coaches and mentors you can find and you will find that this investment in time and resources will pay off tenfold in your life.

The detailed learning map below shows the process of coaching and mentoring and how our experience in this field can help you to facilitate your learning.

Contact us for more details on this process and we will be happy to show you how coaching and mentoring can considerably improve your life.

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