We provide 21st Century consulting solutions in Learning and Development, Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Office (PMO), Corporate Change, Personal Development and Leadership Development. We have the ability to identify solutions and improvements in various business settings, from business start-ups to multi-million-pound companies. This includes businesses experiencing growth, expansion and transformational change.  As a solutions provider, we offer services in consulting, training, coaching, mentoring and facilitation for your business, within all industry sectors and for all sizes of business, as our methodology is repeatable and scalable.

We have a passion for learning and development, innovation, change, PMO, personal development, organisational development, management development, corporate change, process improvement and project management. We create, improve, plan, reorganise, rationalise and streamline information, processes and systems using proven process improvement and project management techniques. This brings numerous business benefits including cost savings, efficiencies, increased relationships and ultimately, business and personal success.

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If you are looking for specific consulting expertise, our Consulting page provides details of the types of consulting engagements we undertake.

The About page provides details on the Founder and Director of PMO Consulting Solutions.

View our PMO page for a more detailed definition and explanation of the PMO, together with the Technical and Interpersonal Skills required to be highly effective.

Our Training Academy page explains the extensive training we provide in personal development, management, and organisational development for the 21st Century.

Our Mission and Vision page shows the purpose of our company and where we are positioning ourselves for the future.

Our Blog page contain interesting topics of discussion that you may want to browse.

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